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Etienne Kiss-BorlaseEtienne Kiss-Borlase was born in 1966 in Geneva, Switzerland. Passionate golfer and talented horse rider, skier at a young age, he enjoys all types of sports including sailing, tennis, football and wakeboard. He is also an active and totally emotional Art-collector. 

In early 1993 Etienne Kiss-Borlase successfully graduated with a diploma in economics and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of St Gallen ( ).

Etienne then joined CS First Boston Ltd in London as an Analyst in the investment banking department working with the most sophisticated issuers and corporates active in all kind of industries such as Oil & Gas, Pharma, Reinsurer, Telecom, Banks, etc. He also enjoyed working on the primary market, on numerous financings such as complex bond issues, first asset backed securities, sophisticated structured products, IPOs and listings as well as privatizations. He qualified as an SFA member.

After this investment banking experience Etienne Kiss-Borlase returned to Geneva to gain experience in the corporate services industry and, in accounting, audit, internal audit, tax and corporate structuring as a complement to his finance expertise.

Etienne qualified as a Swiss Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in 1999. In 2001, he was appointed Managing Partner. In 2006 he created and gave his name to his own Corporate Service Provider company in Geneva. In 2009 he created GAS – Global Audit Services SA. In 2010, driven by the growth, the momentum, and the energy in South East Asia, Etienne Kiss-Borlase founded Swiss Fiduciary and Advisory Services Pte. Ltd., in Singapore, where he is now residing. SFAS is providing corporate advisory and consulting services as well as accounting and reporting services to corporates with international exposures and requirements.

Thanks to his extended experience in finance he acted as President of the Geneva based Groupement Patronal des Gérants de Patrimoines from 2003 to 2015. In this role he took part to the foundation of OAR-G, an SRO created to enforce the compliance of anti-money laundering regulations in Switzerland. And, in 2013, under his impulsion the WMOA created AllianceFinance.

From 2004 to 2012 he was an elected municipal council in his commune of Collonge-Bellerive, where he grew up.

In 2015, Etienne sold his two companies in Geneva, to focus on his growing Asian business.

Since 2013, Etienne is actively managing as CEO a number of fast growing technology start-ups, groups and ventures active in Energy and Mining around the world such as JV Energy Consulting Pte. Ltd. and Clean Resources Pte. Ltd. ( providing strategic and management consulting services and bringing his extensive experience of company management and business development. When investing he also brings his expertise, his extended network of contacts and his thorough understanding of the finance and private equity industry.

As serial entrepreneur and with his extended expertise in consulting and advisory, Etienne is a member of numerous Board of directors. Business management is dynamic and complex. Through professional experience and exposure, client interactions, and personal ventures, Etienne Kiss-Borlase has developed extensive management and professional skills as well as  a wide ranging network of professionals, and an in-depth knowledge of the areas of Infrastructure construction and Natural Resources.

Since 2016 as deputy CEO and since 2020 as Chairman and Group CEO, he is focussing on developing Clean Resources Pte. Ltd., Singapore ( Clean Resources is an ESG-led industrial solution provider. 

Clean Resources has developed and patented four novel and clean technologies targeting the Construction and the Mining industries. 

The first is a circular economy based on new zero CO2e geopolymer building material, that allows recycling of massive amounts of polluting waste. 

The second technology is a novel process to decontaminate highly toxic mine waters from oxidised metals, discharging clean water in the aquifer. 

The third technology allows the use of smelters in the production of copper thereby substantially reducing CAPEX and OPEX. 

And the fourth technology is a clean, cost effective, and efficient process to extract and recover precious metals such as gold and silver but also strategic metals such as cobalt, thereby solving the massive issue of using cyanide and mercury in gold mining.

Because of his proven integrity, ethics, professionalism and profound sense of humanism, Etienne Kiss-Borlase has been asked and appointed as Member and President of the Board of Directors of numerous companies within a large number of industries in Switzerland, Singapore, and around the world.